Hey, Hey. My name is Phil Bowyer.

We are at the beginning of a shift. While this shift is creating a very exciting time, not unlike the shift from online services like Compuserve to the Open "World Wide Web" in the early 90's, it is being ignored by businesses small and large.

As smart phones and tablets replace computers as the device of choice for connecting, websites and search are becoming secondary avenues for information. For example, we are no longer searching for restaurants on Google, we are asking our followers on Twitter for a recommendation. We are also using apps like Yelp to find the best restaurant.

Even Google is putting websites second as they begin to answer queries, handle transactions and - yes, offer you that killer restaurant recommendation directly.

SEO is no longer about optimizing your website to be found in Google Search Results, it's about optimizing your Tweets so they are found in Twitter Search, or optimizing your SlideShare account so people searching can find your presentation. People are putting your website second, and you should too. It's not that websites are not important - quite the contrary in fact. The role of the website is changing from providing information and "proving your the expert through your blog" to being the place where the transaction happens.


Breaking rules is about saying no to the experts and their rules, and creating your own rule book. A rule book that plays into your strengths, your personality and your passion.

Breaking rules is about understanding the landscape, and connecting with your audience in a way that makes you stand out and converts them into customers. You know what those are - people that give you money. This is what business is about. It's not about how many hits your website gets. Or how many views your video gets, or retweets or even likes. It certainly isn't about how big your list is.

It's about getting people to believe and trust in you enough, that they give you money. With all the noise around, that's a tricky proposition.


In late 2014, I began developing a creative agency that helps businesses like you stand out. We go beyond the common tactics you are probably using right now that create barriers that prevent you from making the sale. Instead, BoozeHound creates strategies that make an impact and guide your desired customer into your funnel. We create campaigns that people remember by connecting your message with people where they are. Sure we create conversations with you, but more importantly we create conversations about you!

And, that's really the most important thing, right? Your business has one purpose - to make money. And that's what we help you do. But, you have to take the first step. Remember what I said earlier about websites being transactional?


If you are ready to make your business successful, and make shit happen and live the life you set out to do when you decided to be an entrepreneur, I want you to take action. And, I want you to give me money. Yep, that's why you're here. You've no doubt seen me around the web, liked what I had to say enough to come here.

Step One

Stop wasting time on bullshit tactics from knuckleheads that don't understand you, or where your Destination is, and invest in yourself. First, you'll see my books below. Go buy them. Yes, both of them. They'll get you in the right mindset to set yourself up to succeed. If you can't invest $12 in the success of your business, well, what does that say about you? Not good things I'm afraid.

Step Two

Once you have read both those books, and taken the action steps within those books, and think you have what it takes to stand out and dominate, I want you to hire BoozeHound to help you make that happen.

Why do you need us?

Simple, we understand the landscape, consumer behavior, and we know how to apply that knowledge to your business in unique and exciting ways so you WILL dominate the shit out of your industry.

Don't Know Me?

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